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woodstockmajere wrote in booksnsuch
Title: A Streetcar Named Desire
Author: Tennessee Williams
Genre: family drama

I'd never read a proper play by Tennessee Williams before. Weird, right?

Title: Kraken
Author: China Mieville
Genre: urban fantasy

This is a book about Billy Harrow, who works for the museum preserving animals when their key exhibit - a giant squid - suddenly goes missing. A call from the Fundamentalist and Sect-Related Crime unit drags him into the magical side of London, where he becomes a badass while struggling to save the world from The Apocalypse.

The plot is pretty generic, but that's easy to miss because Mieville comes up with a lot of pretty rad concepts. Way too many pretty rad concepts, actually. They were neat at first but at a certain point I just stopped caring. He also chose a really obtuse, difficult writing style that I didn't care for.

I'd skip this one. Perdido Street Station was really good, though, and The Scar is my favorite thing of his so far.


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