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woodstockmajere wrote in booksnsuch
Title: Anathem
Author: Neal Stephenson
Genre: sci-fi

1. Neal Stephenson is a genius.
2. This book just blew my fucking mind. Like. I am not really quite coherent right now. I cried because of how good it is.
3. This is one of those books that I finish, and then can't read anything else for a while because it won't be as good. and because I am too overwhelmed and my brain probably can't hold anymore information.

I don't know if I can give an effective summary. actually I'm sure I can't. so:

a. this is one of those cover blurbs from time: "what ever happened to the great novel of ideas? it has morphed into science fiction, and stephenson is its foremost practitioner." yes. this is a novel of ideas.
b. 1000 pages, which kept me from reading it for a while, but it's a surprisingly quick read considering how much he covers (and how many pages that takes).
c. it's legit about Platonism. expect dialogues.

anyway I really think you should read this. everyone should read this.


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