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summah readin upday-t
woodstockmajere wrote in booksnsuch
No. You would have to go into the Yeerk pool every three days. It's too
dangerous. If you were somehow found out, Visser Three would learn
everything about your friends and the peace movement. All would be
Aftran answered.

She must have felt the wave of despair and sorrow sweeping through me.

lt's not so bad to die for what you believe in. There are much worse
she said gently. Many worse deaths.

My mom didn't let me eat any solid food until today," Rachel
complained. "And it's been four days since I got sick."

...the problem with reading these in PDF form is that they're all user created and the formatting is boned up. So the end of a really epic chapter segues way too smoothly into everyday banter.

Update: I'm through book 29 of the regular Animorphs books, plus the other 'outside' stories and such. I reckon I'm about halfway through the series at this point... actually this time. I counted. The stakes are getting pretty high, since the yeerks are sympathetic now. The series kinda grows with you. I like that.

Oh oh, Gravity's Rainbow update: p 497 of 760. I feel like MZDanielewski had a major boner for this book, a lot of the major themes in HoL are minor themes in Gravity's Rainbow. I've been writing down quotes, I'll have a more thorough thing to say when I'm actually done with this book.


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